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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hi Again,

Here's some more inked work.


I was really excited about inking this classic Avengers page. I thought it would be great to work in a style reminiscent of great Marvel era inkers such as Dick Ayers or Joe Sinnott and really let loose with my brush on the different weight applications of those juicy pencils. I must admit that I was feeling a little too confident when I decided to use this as a warm up piece before I moved onto even tighter pencils, this page turned out to be a lot tougher to ink than I thought, so I have even more respect for the two artists named above and anyone else who worked in this style throughout their careers.

Talk soon


Monday, 20 April 2009



So I am actively seeking work as an inker, so the majority of what I post from now on will be inked pieces. I've always liked inking, I find it both relaxing and challengingand I get so excited when I find some great pencils that I can ink over, the challenge of trying to compliment the artists pencils gives me a grewat buzz.. So all of what I'm posting today where tight pencils so hope you like..

This 3 page story is called "The Breakup" it was written and drawn by my mate Ben Hennnesy. I really had fun inking these pages, Ben's pencils are beutiful and full of life. I really enjoyed trying to stay true to his original line just adding a little extra weight here and there..

These next two pages are from a story called AVH, a very different style from the last pages, beutiful art, great storytelling and a pleasure to ink..

Well I think we all know Jim Lee!! I was really nervous about inking this page, I'm not sure I got it quite right but it was my first time ever inking a Jim Lee piece so here it is..


This great Roger Cruz page was the first full page I ever inked..

Well I hope you that you liked what I've posted so far, I'll post some more shortly.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hi All,

Just wanna start by putting up some old stuff dating from a few years back to couple of months ago, and hope to add some more recent work real soon.

Hope you like.

I did this sketch back in 2003

Another piece from 2003

I can't remember exactly when I did this piece, it was a few years back. It's drawn pen and coloured in photoshop.

I dug this piece out earlier this year and made it into a card for my friends birthday. While talking to my friend on her birthday, I asked if she liked her card, and she replied "I don't know if the fairy is a guy or a girl"....


(I should of made the boobs bigger)....

This here Homicidal Leprechaun was done last year. I made it into a t-shirt.