Monday, 20 April 2009



So I am actively seeking work as an inker, so the majority of what I post from now on will be inked pieces. I've always liked inking, I find it both relaxing and challengingand I get so excited when I find some great pencils that I can ink over, the challenge of trying to compliment the artists pencils gives me a grewat buzz.. So all of what I'm posting today where tight pencils so hope you like..

This 3 page story is called "The Breakup" it was written and drawn by my mate Ben Hennnesy. I really had fun inking these pages, Ben's pencils are beutiful and full of life. I really enjoyed trying to stay true to his original line just adding a little extra weight here and there..

These next two pages are from a story called AVH, a very different style from the last pages, beutiful art, great storytelling and a pleasure to ink..

Well I think we all know Jim Lee!! I was really nervous about inking this page, I'm not sure I got it quite right but it was my first time ever inking a Jim Lee piece so here it is..


This great Roger Cruz page was the first full page I ever inked..

Well I hope you that you liked what I've posted so far, I'll post some more shortly.